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Super Deck 2100-2300 series COLORS. Available in 3 package colors

Weathered Grey




Lunch on the deck, pruning around the fence, enjoying a book in your favorite hammock. . . Living the Outdoors! A key component to your outdoor relaxation is the wood in which these pleasure areas are constructed. Minimize the work and maximize the fun with a durable and beautiful finish; Semi-Transparent Stain. Utilizing one of nature’s miracles Semi-Transparent Stain features Carnauba from the “Tree of Life” to give unsurpassed durability and a finish that will maximize the fun with minimal care.


Superdeck Semi-Transparent Stain is formulated for any exterior wood surface including decks, fences, siding and furniture. Available in a spectacular 63 color palette to capture the beauty you seek.

  • One coat application will impart years of protection
  • High quality oils keep the wood looking good
  • Premium pigments built for beauty and performance allowing the wood grain to show while blending multi-toned woods
  • Carnauba for durability, and weatherability, let the “Tree of Life” protect your outdoor living space
  • For all seasons in all environments “Live the Outdoors!”

Fortified with Carnauba from the “Tree of Life” Carnauba is produced by a special palm tree that grows in the tropics of South America. The carnauba tree protects itself from the extreme climate of South America by producing the hardest natural wax known to man. Carnauba wax is harvested from leaves cut from the trees, so the tree is not endangered.

Superdeck Semi-Transparent Stain uses the highest-quality carnauba specially formulated to work with a unique linseed and tung oil system for resilience and protection that can’t be beat! The incredible durability of carnauba gives Superdeck Semi-Transparent Stain superior mar and scuff resistance.

Carnauba protects from water damage by repelling water from the surface of wood. This helps to protect the wood from cracking, splitting and other water-caused damage. Carnauba blocks intense UV rays and holds up under extreme temperature changes. Carnauba is exceptionally long-lasting and dries to a deep natural shine that does not cloud like other waxes.

For superior shine and durability, protect the beauty of real wood with carnauba-fortified Superdeck Semi-Transparent Stain.