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Duckback Superdeck transparent stain


Gallon $39.95

5 Gallon $189.95

*SAVE TIME AND MONEY——->Available in samples. See sample program page.

Smaller job or just a hot tub to stain? We carry Duckback Superdeck in quarts. Please call to order..

New or old, wood offers a unique beauty and strength that has made it a
builder’s choice for centuries. Whether used for a deck, fence, siding or
furniture, wood adds character and increases the value of your Outdoor Living
space. That beauty and value is enhanced with Superdeck Transparent Stain and sealer.
Adding a warm glow and showing 100% grain clarity, Transparent Stain emphasizes
that which nature has provided; a beauty and strength captured only in wood.


SUPERDECK Transparent Stain is formulated for exterior use on any exterior
wood surface including decks, fences, siding, outdoor furniture, shingle shakes,
hot tub skirting and more. Duckback Superdeck Transparent stain is available in a rainbow of colors.

  • One coat application that imparts a freshly finished look for years
  • Unique three oil system nourishes the wood
  • Deep penetrating formula for maximum durability and minimal wear, even
    in high traffic areas
  • Transparent Oxide pigments for grain clarity and maximum UV protection
  • For all seasons in all environments
  • Duckback Superdeck 1905 Heart Redwood is the official Rainbow Playscape stain.
  • Great for use on redwood playsets or redwood hot tubs.
  • Contractor friendly oil based stain and sealer.
  • Available in 350 voc and 250 voc. For a lower voc option look into DB2900 waterborne series.